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UT-SLV forum rules

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UT-SLV forum rules

Postby Metalfist » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:35 pm

The following rules apply to all the UT-SLV forums:

1. UT-SLV is an international site so please write your comments in English. Posts in other languages are removed.

2. For each forum-participant one log-on is authorized. In case an user creates several accounts and various nicknames without a good reason, depending on the situation, all accounts may be banned.

3. Be polite towards each other, because this is a community forum and not a flame-forum. Insulting statements are unwanted in any case. Make sure that all discussions are held politely and avoid getting into personal fights with other users. Some threads can get very emotional when having long debates, but try to keep these debates from becoming personal attacks against other forum members. Resolve personal issues outside the board or consult a moderator.

4. Posting illegal content (warez, pirated stuff and links to sites that spread this kind of content) is forbidden. Posts / threads promoting racism / repressing minorities or different cultural groups / spreading mature content (such as pornographical images) are forbidden. This applies to avatars as well as to signatures.

5. Post new contributions on-topic, that means relevant to the subject/range of topics. If a discussion gets way off topic, board administrators might close the thread.

6. Post new threads in their proper forums.

7. Avoid unnecessary, as well as double- and triple- postings and don´t spam the chat.

8. UT-SLV Administrators have complete disgression in forum decisions and may override the decision of a moderator if necessary. Administrator actions or decisions intentionally defied by a forum member is against the rules and will be met with consequences as the situation warrants. Also forum members should respect admins decisions and actions.

9. If a user is given a formal board warning (including bans), the matter may not be discussed publicly. If necessary, contact the moderator or administrator that gave the warning via a PM or an e-mail for further discussion on the topic. In the event that a matter cannot be resolved with the moderator, contact a member of the administration team. The administration team's decision is final.

10. In all public boards, you can post images or attachments with dimensions up to 1024 pixels in width. Images exceeding that width may be removed by the board moderators. Images in signatures, either alone, or side by side must not exceed 800 pixels in width. The total height of the signature area can not be more than 300 pixels.

11. In order to participate in the forum the user must be at least 13 years old. Some sections of the website might be made off-limits to non-adults.

The responsible person can ban individual forum users, who violate deliberately against these rules. However, disciplinary actions such as these should be clearly explanatory to all community members, to keep the administration of this forum as clear as possible for everyone.

Not knowing the forum rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.
Continuous rule breaking may result in a permanent ban.
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