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[Tutorial] SLV beginners guide

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[Tutorial] SLV beginners guide

Postby Metalfist » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:21 pm

April 11, 2010: Metalfist has created a very thorough video tutorial covering everything Strangelove-related. Check it out below:

Guide #1: The Strangelove

New to Strangelove? No clue what Strangelove is or how to use it? Read this guide to learn all about Strangelove! Click on a link below to jump to that section.

Firing the Strangelove
Primary fire: By default this is your left mouse button. Use this to fire a normal missle that simply goes straight until it either hits something or takes too much damage. These missles are slow flying, so they are not very useful at long distances.

SLV Primary Fire
An example of the primary fire on the Strangelove.

Alternate fire: By default this is your right mouse button. Alt fire launches a ridable missle that allows you to do many things. Check out the Controlling Strangelove section for information on what all you can do and how to do it. You may remove parts of this HUD by changing some settings in the SLV.ini file. These config settings are explained in more detail in the Customizing Strangelove section.
The Alt Fire of the Strangelove with all HUD features enabled.

Controlling Strangelove

Strangelove is a difficult weapon to use without first knowing all of the controls. Read through this section to learn all about the controls.

Flying: To start flying, make sure you are holding a Strangelove and then hit Alt Fire to take off. Use your mouse to move the missle arround similar to the Redeemer.

Adjusting Flight Speed: Unlike the Redeemer, the Strangelove allows you to speed up and slow down. To speed up, hold down your Move Forward key and speeding down is down with your Move Back key. In Strangelove, you can go even faster by activating the Afterburners with Alt Fire.

Defending yourself while on a Strangelove: You may switch back to your other weapons at any time by hitting your Crouch key. You cannot control the Strangelove while in this mode, but you can freely aim and shoot other weapons. Hitting Crouch a second time will give you full control if your Strangelove once again.

Bailing Out: If you see some incoming trouble, you can jump off of your Strangelove at anytime by hitting your Jump key. Strangelove also allows you to jump off by hitting your Fire key.

Changing Modes: Strangelove missles have three different modes that you can easily switch through. To switch modes, hit either your NextWeapon or PreviousWeapon key. (Usually done by moving your mouse wheel.) The modes that you can use in Strangelove are described below.

  • Disarmed Mode: When destroyed, your missle will simply burst into harmless pieces. If you know a player is using disarmed mode, aim for them instead of the rocket!
  • Armed Mode: A dangerous mode to ride in! Crash or take a little damage and it will explode!
  • Auto Mode: Auto mode sort of combines the other two modes together. If you crash it while still riding, it will burst into harmless pieces. Jumping off of the rocket sets it back to Armed mode making it explode once it hits something or get

Picking Passengers: While flying your own Strangelove, you may pickup one teammate at a time. To do so, simply fly right through them and they will be carried along behind you.

Being a Passenger: If a teammate picks you up, you can jump off at anytime the same way you can jump off your own missles.

Using the Booster: In Strangelove versions 2.03 and up, you can use a booster for even more speed! To activate a booster, hit your Walk key.

The Strangelove HUD

The HUD: The HUD for Strangelove contains a lot of information so it may be overwhelming at first. This section will explain each piece of the HUD and what they are for. Use the numbers to follow along with the guide. This guide uses Strangelove v2.04 as the example, so your screen might look different if you are using another version of Strangelove. Want to remove some of these things from your HUD? Check out the next section!

(Are you not seeing all of these items on your Strangelove 2.04 HUD? Check out the Customizing Strangelove section to find out why!)

The Strangelove Controls Box:
Having trouble remembering all of the controls? Keep this enabled to let you get a quick refresher.

Rear-view camera:
Hear someone behind you? Take a peak at this camera to help plan your escape and/or attack!

Strangelove Status:
Shows some basic information about your current ride. The three pieces of information that this box show you are:
  • Disarmed Mode: When destroyed, your missle will simply burst into harmless pieces. If you know a player is using disarmed mode, aim for them instead of the rocket!
  • Armed Mode: A dangerous mode to ride in! Crash or take a little damage and it will explode!
  • Auto Mode: Auto mode sort of combines the other two modes together. If you crash it while still riding, it will burst into harmless pieces. Jumping off of the rocket sets it back to Armed mode making it explode once it hits something or gets shot.

Gunner Onboard: Lights up if you are carrying a passenger.

Afterburners On: Lights up if you are using the afterburners for quicker speed.

Strangelove Throttle:
Displays how much force you are putting onto your Strangelove.

Current Velocity:
How fast your ride is moving.

Current Hull:
The health of your missle. If this starts flashing, you better bail out!

Current Fuel:
The amount of gas left for your missle. Pickup fuel cores to refill this.

Current Boost:
When you use a boost, this shows you how much longer the boost will last. (New in Strangelove v203 & up.)

Fuel Cores Remaining:
This shows how many fuel cores you have. You use these for gas along with using them for boosts. One core will give you one boost.

Your ride:
The missle that you are currently riding. Watch as this slides arround the screen as you take sharp turns. Try not to get dizzy!

Customizing Strangelove

Most versions of Strangelove allow you to customize it whether your a server admin or just a regular player. This section will explain the client settings that anyone can modify and see results at any Strangelove server running that version. Most of these settings are available in different versions of Strangelove while one is exclusive to Strangelove version 2.03 and higher. You may open ini files in Notepad or any simple text editor.

NOTE: Strangelove config files are named differently based on their version. For example, Strangelove v2.04 uses the config file SLV204.ini for all of its settings. Don't have a config file? Download one here: SLV204.ini!

Strangelove Controls Box: Don't need the hint box? Disable it by setting showKeys to false. Set showKeys to true to enable.

Rear-View Camera: The rear-view getting annoying or you just don't want it? Set showRearView to false. Want to see behind you? Set showRearView to true to enable!

Launch Scream: Is that scream that plays everytime someone fires a rocket driving you crazy? In Strangelove 203 and newer, you may disable that by setting disableLaunchScream to false. Note: This does not disable the other sound that plays when someone jumps off.

The smoke trails: The trail of smoke that follows each missle can be customized by any player. To completely remove them, set disableContrails to true. To change how long they stay in the air, set contrailLifeTime to how many seconds you wish. To make the trails rotate, set contrailRotate to true.
Smoke trails from a Strangelove missle.

Impact Sparks: To help increase performance, you could disable the sparks that appear on impacts. Simply set showDamageSparks to false.
Impact sparks that appear when a Strangelove hits a wall.

Fighting with the Strangelove

Now that you know how to use the Strangelove, it is time to learn ways of defending yourself with it!

Ramming Opponents: Missles can ram players to hurt and kill them based on the mode and the missles current speed. Each time your missle rams someone, it loses health. Run out of health and it will explode.

Switching to Gunner Mode: One trick to confusing opponents is to fly over them and switch to Gunner Mode by hitting Crouch and then firing Strangelove missles down as you fly over them.

Blowing up Other Player's Missles: See someone spamming missles your direction or see an enemy near another enemy rocket? Launch your own Strangelove near their missles to blow them up killing anything near them!

Assisting the Flag Carrier: If you see your teammate running with the flag, pick them up and give them a lift to your base! Be careful not to teamkill them, though. Some players may get annoyed if you assist them with a cap, but most people won't mind unless they get killed!

Safe Flying: If your missle is in Armed Mode, you can be blown up with a few Yellow Jacket shots! Be sure to switch to the Disarmed Mode for most of your flying. Once you jump off of an Armed Strangelove, you can be blown up even easier! Be sure to use Disarmed when in danger.

Flying through small openings: Ever try to fly through an opening only to find out that its too small to get through? Don't fret, you can probably fit through without jumping off of your Strangelove! While in the Gunner Mode, (Hitting Crouch to allow you to freely aim) your collision is actually smaller than when your controlling the Strangelove.
A lined up shot about to go through a small opening.

It may take a few attempts to get it, but while in Gunner Mode, you can fit through small openings! You can even fit through holes that a normal player could never fit through! Simply fly towards a hole while lining up the tip of your missle with the middle of the hole. Switch to Gunner Mode before reaching the hole to get a smaller collision radius. If timed and angled right, you will pass right through!

Giving Strangelove a New Look

Starting with SLV203, SLV allows players to modify the appearance of the Strangelove missles. These settings are NOT server-side, so any player can modify them and see the changes on any server running that version.

NOTE: The Strangelove missles are different for EACH team! The Red Team uses a different missle than the Blue Team, which means they use different textures.

customSLVSkins: These are the lines you modify to update the appearance of the missles. There are eight of these lines, which means each two are for one team. (The Strangelove missle has two textures.)
The FIRST setting is for the texture covering the majority of the rocket, the SECOND setting is for the rear and the very tip.

The red team uses this missle.
Red Team: The textures for the Red Team's missle are numbers 0 and 1.

The blue team uses this missle.
Blue Team: The textures for the Blue Team's missle are numbers 2 and 3.

Others: The next two are for the Green Team and the last two are for the Gold Team.

This Strangelove guide was written by <GF>-REX!! Visit our forums for any assistance! Any feedback or suggestions for this guide are welcome as well! Please post comments/questions/suggestions about this guide.

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