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[Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

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[Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby Metalfist » Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:21 pm

Simple version:
Go here for UT-SLV channel (Quakenet): http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ut.slv&uio=d4
Go here for slv channel by mrn (GlobalGamers): http://webchat.globalgamers.net/?channels=slv&uio=d4

Full version:
ShocK-JaY wrote:How to configure mIRC to reach us.

As requested in some other thread before, I made a "tutorial" of how to set up your mIRC Client to be able to reach us on IRC.

STEP 1: First of all, Download mIRC Client: Download mIRC Here
(Some people may want to use a script*, but I highly recommend using the mIRC version from their website.)
*: a Script is a personalised version of mIRC in wich most often includes many more features than the normal one, BUT remember that it is VERY easy to get a virus or spyware through a script. Still, most of the scripts are good.)

STEP 2: Install it... and now run it.

Now, a little window will pop-up... It asks you if you want to register your mIRC, (you don't get anything by registering it, it costs 20$ and the only thing it does is getting rid of that little pop up...)

STEP 3: Ok, now this window should pop up: Image (If it doesn't, click on that little logo in the top-left corner. Image )
Those are my settings. I just filled those spaces fast... You can put anything in those spaces.
-"Full Name" Anybody will be able to see your Full Name you fill there. (by doing a WHOIS command on you ( /whois <nickname> ))
-"Email Address" The Email Address isn't important and "Nickname" and "Alternative" are the names you will be using. If it's in use by another user(Wich is probable since it is a very big network), it will use your Alternative.
-The "Invisible mode" isn't important so leave it checked (It is used by IRCOps (People that maintains and run the network)).

STEP 4: Ok, Now let's set the Server section (Connect > Servers): Image
There should be a HUGE List of avaible IRC Servers. Scroll down (or up) to the Quakenet servers. And then choose the appropriate server under "Quakenet" for you.

STEP 5: Alright, Now go to the Options section (Connect > Options): Image
There you can set it if you want it to connect on startup (not Windows startup, but mIRC) and reconnect on Disconnect. you can also uncheck "Pop up connect dialog on startup" wich is annoying.

(Optional) STEP 6: There, you can check "Timestamp events", so you will be able to see when we wrote text and you can setup a Quit Message that we will see when you quit mIRC. Image
STEP 7: Good! Now everything is set and we can now connect. Click on that icon on the top-left cornet. Image

Ok, Now alot of text will appear suddenly (Message of the Day and some info) and a little window will pop up. If nothing happens, go back to step 3 and check if everything is set well.

A Window appeared. (If nothing appeared, click that icon on the top-left corner: Image )
You can delete all these channels, because they are not used on this IRC Server.. its up to you, I prefer it clean.
Now, to add a channel click Add and fill it like this: Image check "Join on connect" and then click Ok. Double click #ut.slv

Now you're done with configurations! You can now talk with all of us on IRC.

Next time you open mIRC, it will get you there automatically!

quicklaunch: irc://quakenet.org/ut-slv

New channel by Mrn:
IRC Server: irc.globalgamers.net
Channel: #slv

ShocK-JaY wrote:This is a tutorial of how to register with the Q bot and how it can be useful. (Very Optional)

How to Register with Q, and add commands to perform.

First of all, some of you may want to be registered on the IRC network.
Registering has some advantages on IRC if you plan to: Registering a channel or having a level in a channel (like being a channel operator).
A good thing to know, is that on Quakenet if even if you register your nickname, anybody will be able to use it while you are gone and you will have to wait for him to leave before you can use it back. (in other words, it's not a reservation for a nickname.)

Command To Register: "/msg Q HELLO <email> <email>"
Remember that the account name will be the nickname you are currently using. To change it, use "/nick <nickname>"

Normally, something like that should appear:
Code: Select all
[18:02] <ShocK-JaY> hello [email protected] [email protected]
[18:02] -Q- User ShocK-JaY created successfully.
[18:02] -Q- Information about how to access and use your new account will be sent to your email address, [email protected]

Alright, now check your email, it will give you a password and the command of how to change your password.
If you are using mIRC, you won't have to remember those commands, because mIRC will do them everytimes.

To add a command to your Perform, there is how to do:
Click that icon: Image (Options).
now, in the Options section (Connect > Options) Image
Click on Perform:
Now, all you have to do it check the box "Enable perform on connect" and write on the first line: "auth <your auth name> <password>".
On the second line, I put a command "mode $me +x" (works only if you are AUTH'ed). That command gives you a vhost and will hide your IP or hostmask from everybody on IRC and will replace it by *@<Accountname>.users.quakenet.org.
Code: Select all
/whois ShocK-JaY
ShocK-JaY is [email protected]

Without that command it would be something like:
Code: Select all
/whois ShocK-JaY
ShocK-JaY is [email protected]

*** If you won't be using the Perform on mIRC, this is how you normally do those 2 commands:
/AUTH <Account name> <PASSWORD>
//mode $me +x
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Re: [Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby mrn » Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:39 pm

I've never been a fan of mIRC myself, but I found an alternative. X-Chat 2 is a clean, simple irc client I've been using for about a month and really like it.

If anyone wants to check it out: http://www.silverex.org/news/
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Re: [Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby mrn » Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:43 am

I think you may have missed the point of IRC today Metalfist lol with the "how's this better than ingame chat?" It's supposed to be a thing you hang out on, chat, and get matches together with other people outside of the game; it makes all of that easier than having to sit in a ut server.

Here's an example of what my x-chat 2 irc looks like for other people's reference. I'm going to try and get the bot these other channels use so we can query slv servers and set up pugs, but we need more consistent irc users to do so.
ircexample.jpg (341.15 KiB) Viewed 2889 times
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Re: [Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby Metalfist » Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:44 pm

Irc is giving me a headache, giving me errors (no ident response), it's hard to connect and its just not working -_- I'm pretty sure that I won't be using it anyway. So far irc was frustrating, dull, noncrowded and another program to start up.
I rather use Steam (you also have a ut-slv groupchat) for asking ppl for some games, only downside is that u have to add friends in order to talk to them or be in the groupchat all day.
Xfire (+ut-slv group), that one worked best for me, but nobody is there anymore.
I believe UT has a build in irc (chat tab), but that didn't want to work with me either.

So far I only managed to get into ut.slv channel with Mirc and I found a webchat irc for quakenet: http://webchat.quakenet.org/
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Re: [Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby mrn » Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:32 pm


Nickname: (Your name)
Channels: #slv

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Re: [Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby Dr.Flay » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:06 pm

Personally I favour adding any extra required IRC into Trillian.
As I am already using it to save me using separate programs for;
ICQ,MSN,Skype,Yahoo,AOL,G+,Astra,MySpace,Facebook,twitter,Linkedin,IMAP email,RSS,podcasts...
adding 1 more IRC room is not much bother :mrgreen:

:idea: It also runs in overlay mode when running a fullscreen game (or video).

If it had Xfire and TS3 plugins it would be perfect, but you can't have everything !

Even If you only use 1 of the networks, consider that Trillian is the same size DL as Skype, but packed with far more functionality without the visual spam.
It has good skins and plugins but not as many as Pidgin (best option for Linux).

Contacts with multiple accounts can be grouped into a single meta-contact. As Trillian allows you to save an IRC contact as a normal "IM buddy", you can also combine these.
This is very useful, because as long as you are both connected to the same server, you do not need to be in the same room to see each-other or start a direct chat.

Messages, away-statuses and status updates can all be cross-posted, saving you time.
Custom away messages really confuse people using facebook at their end :lol:
You can even enable the spellchecker and wiki-lookup so you learn as you chat.

Here is what my copy of Trillian looks like. This is using an alternative dark skin and replacement service icons.
You can easily see the grouped meta-contacts.
Trillian Black skin
Trillian.png (17.44 KiB) Viewed 2809 times

The Mac version is young and not as functional, but at least there is one.
There also mobile-phone versions, and if you are really without access to Trillian there is even a web-portal 8-)
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Re: [Tutorial] Set up mIRC Client

Postby Hook » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:46 pm

Trilliam eh? - Interesting!
One of these days I gotta try some of that stuff! ;)
= Hook =
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