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[Tutorial] Yellowjacket

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[Tutorial] Yellowjacket

Postby Metalfist » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:32 pm

Strangelove Beginner's Guide #2: The Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket


What is the Yellow Jacket? The Yellow Jacket is the second weapon included in the Strangelove mutator. It is an instant-firing weapon with three modes to switch between. Follow this guide to learn more about the Yellow Jacket and how to take full advantage of it!
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Shooting the Yellow Jacket

Primary fire: By default this is your left mouse button. Primary fire simply fires an instant-hit shot that varies on the current mode.

The Yellow Jacket attempts to prevent spam by making your accuracy worse the longer you keep on shooting. Learn to take breaks between shots to let the crosshair shrink back to normal size if you are having trouble hitting things.
Alternate fire: By default this is your right mouse button. The Alt Fire of the Yellow Jacket does not fire a thing, it simply switches between the three modes of the Yellow Jacket. These modes change the way the Primary Fire works and are described in the next section.

Yellow Jacket Modes

The Yellow Jacket has three modes that you can switch between, each mode affects the way the Primary Fire works.

Changing Modes: Alt Fire is used to switch the Yellow Jacket between the modes. You may view the mode on the Yellow Jacket's crosshair. (Change your crosshair color if you have trouble reading it.)

-Semi Mode: The first mode is Semi mode which forces you to repeatedly hit your Fire button to continue shooting. This mode is used to conserve ammo, and it's speed depends on how fast you keep hitting your fire key.

-Auto Mode: Unlike Semi Mode, this mode keeps on shooting until you run out of clips. You have to let go of your fire button and hit it again to reload. This mode is great for shooting quickly, but it decreases your accuracy pretty quickly. This fast-shooting mode is great for close-range combat or in areas with a lot of enemies.

-Burst Mode: A combination of Semi and Auto mode, this mode shoots off quick bursts of ammo each time you hit your fire key. You cannot hold you fire key down on this mode, you must hit it each time you want to shoot another burst. Like Semi mode, this mode is great for conserving ammo and keeping a good accuracy. This mode with it's quick-shooting burst is great for taking out Strangelove missles in the distance.

The Yellow Jacket HUD

The Yellow Jacket HUD: The HUD for the Yellow Jacket is handled in the crosshair. It contains far less information than the Strangelove HUD.

1 - Rounds:
Rounds are the amount of shots you have left before you need to reload.

2 - Clips:
Clips show how many more times you can reload.

3 - Yellow Jacket Mode:
Shows what mode the Yellow Jacket is in. The section above describes each mode.

4 - Crosshair:
This is the crosshair for the Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket Tips and Tricks

The Yellow Jacket takes time to get used to, so here are a few tips to get you used to it.

  • If a player is flying on an Armed missle, aim for the very tip of the missle to blow them to pieces.
  • When fighting a player on the ground, always aim for their chest. If they were to pull out a Strangelove and fire it, their missle will appear in the chest area. Time your shot right and you can blow them up before they even get a chance to hop on!
  • If a player is flying in Disarmed mode, it might be more difficult to shoot them down. In this case, aim for the player themself to hurt them instead of the missle.
  • Aim for the tips of Strangelove missles, if they are not coming straight at you, aim a little bit ahead of the missle to hit the tip.
  • If two or more enemies are close together, try and shoot any stray missles near them to blow them all up! Note that explosions can trigger other missles to explode in a chain. If you shoot down one missle, any missles caught in that explosion will also be blown up by you. This means that any enemies that are killed in these explosions will be counted as your kills.
This Strangelove guide was written by <GF>-REX!! Visit our forums for any assistance! Any feedback or suggestions for this guide are welcome as well! Any questions or comments about this guide? Post about them on our forums.
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