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[Tutorial] Set up TeamSpeak 2 & 3

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[Tutorial] Set up TeamSpeak 2 & 3

Postby Metalfist » Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:27 pm

Teamspeak 2
Mr.StrangeLoVe wrote:What is TeamSpeak?
This program gives you the chance to talk to other people over the internet using a microphone (mostly a headset).
This is very useful in-game, especially for communication during clanwars! :)
Even if you don’t have a headset, you’ll be able to use it, you can use the information others say in-game.

Download TeamSpeak 2 here:

  • Install
  • Add the server listed below

How to add a server
Click in the menu: CONNECTION => CONNECT.
Now a frame appears, right click on "servers" on the left and choose "add server".
The only thing you have to fill in now, is Server Address, Label (= server name for in your list) and your nickname.
I said NICKNAME not login name, you should leave that one blank.

The server address is listed below.
If you want to add another server, you repeat this again and again and again ;)

server address : ts.funkyorange.net (old)

Now you've installed TeamSpeak and the two servers, there are some options you might want to change:

  • Voice activation
    Go to Settings => sound input / outputsettings
    Use " voice activation to talk " instead of holding a button, you don’t have the time to hold a button while you play, and with voice activation this program will send the sound u produce from a certain level, you can lower or higher that, so it doesn’t get activated by your music or something!

  • Mute microphone
    When you've joined a channel and you don’t have a microphone, go to “Self” and click “mute microphone”, this prevents annoying sounds that are caused for some reason (even when you don't have a mic! :? ).

You can also send text messages on TeamSpeak. Right click the channel and click “send message to channel”, type in your messages and click “Ok”.

Teamspeak 3

Download & install Teamspeak 3 here:

How to connect:
Connections -> Connect:
Server Address: ts.funkyorange.net (old)
Nickname: <yournicknamehere>
Click Connect

To add it to your bookmarks:
Bookmarks -> manage bookmarks: click button "Add Bookmark"
Label: UT-SLV
Adress: ts.funkyorange.net (old)
Nickname: <yournicknamehere>
Click OK`

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Re: [Tutorial] Set up TeamSpeak 2 & 3

Postby mrn » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:16 pm

Also, don't use Voice Activation on Teamspeak. Learn to use push-to-talk or kill yourself. Nobody needs to hear you breathing or your terrible music taste.

This has been a friendly reminder from your neighborhood teamspeak representative.
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