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[Help] Help for universalunreal !

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[Help] Help for universalunreal !

Postby D3monT » Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:08 pm


I need your help about universalunreal, i don't know how to install it on Phoenix server, i'm already register on universalunreal website.

It is down ? Need new support (website, or money?)
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Re: Help for universalunreal !

Postby Metalfist » Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:02 pm

1. You need to install Universal Unreal 111 on your server.

2. Make sure your UT server has been shut down.

3. Copy the UniversalUnreal111-Build1.u and UniversalUnreal_CredManager.u files to the /SYSTEM folder of your UT server.

Copy the UniversalUnreal111-Build1.u.uz and UniversalUnreal_CredManager.u.uz files to your redirect server if applicable.

4. Open your UT server's configuration file and add the following ServerPackages and ServerActors lines *AFTER THE NEXGEN SERVER ACTOR!*:


Once again remember, the Universal Unreal ServerActor must be added AFTER the Nexgen Controller ServerActor entry.(ServerActors=Nexgen111.NexgenActor)

5. Add the following segment to the bottom of your server's configuration file and configure it appropriately:

UniverseID=UT-SLV <---- universe ID and password must match the
UniversePass=password_here <-- values set on the web server component!

bDisableDuringMatchMode=False <-- disable during Nexgen match mode? leaving this False is highly recommended
bHideHUDForGuests=False <-- disables automatic HUD display for non-members, however saying !hud / using F7 still activate it
ServerListYOffset=0 <-- offsets the server list on the HUD by y percent of the total screen height, can be positive for down, or a negative value to move it up;not recommended unless specifically needed by users

CollectPlayerData=True <-- enable player data system
resolvedAddress= <-- set manually if server can't resolve web host IP from DNS
bNeverPurgeAddress=False <-- set True if your server has DNS resolution issues or if you had to set the value of resolvedAddress manually

6. Save the changes to the configuration file and start the server.
Enter the server and issue the command !moreinfo, followed by
your short server name ( ie. !info Phoenix ). This makes the
web server receive and send back data and is a great way to
ensure everything is working as it should. If you get a message
with the map name and number of players on the server, you
have configured everything correctly and you are ready to go.
If not, check out the UT server logs and see if there are any
errors mentioned. Also you might have to contact the game host
to ensure that you've selected the proper port on which to run
Universal Unreal.
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Re: Help for universalunreal !

Postby D3monT » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:19 am

Thanks a lot <3
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